This is Post Partum

"You don't even want to know what I weigh, it's embarrassing" 

She sat across from me, nursing her newborn son. Her breasts and stomach soft and full, beautiful evidence of the life that was inside of her just days before. 

My closest friend, holding the miracle baby she was told she would likely never have. Watching her at that moment, I was filled with so much love and emotion. 

Yet, simultaneously I was saddened. We, as mothers, create life. We have the ability to nourish, love, protect and selflessly give of ourselves to our children. Yet society is telling us we aren't enough. 

If we don't "bounce back", if we "let ourselves go", if we don't get our "pre baby bodies back", then we should be ashamed!

Sweet mama, know this. You absolutely deserve and need to take care of yourself. Your physical, emotional and mental well being matters. You do not, however, deserve to believe the societal lie of what a perfect mother is. This will only overshadow your beautiful season of life. Honor your body. Enjoy these fleeting moments with your child, breathe them in.

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