About us

Little & Luxe is a lifestyle brand established by Lindsay Wilson. 
Our mission is to provide the high quality and responsible products for your baby. 
We believe that the best products care for everyone involved - from farm to factory to consumer - therefore, we use only certified organic and fair trade fabrics and manufacturing processes. 

Why Certified Organic Cotton?

The fashion industry is the second leading cause of environmental pollution in the world. As a responsible brand, we recognize the impact of our decisions to the environment, the artisans, the consumers and the generations of our children, present and future. 

"Cotton production is a global issue, our clothes have an environmental impact." - Safia Minney

Organic cotton is an environmentally responsible and sustainable fabric. Not only is free from harmful chemicals, making it the best for baby's delicate skin. The agriculture process takes care of the environment and the farmers producing it.

Reference: aboutorganiccotton.org

Through transparency in our decision making and manufacturing processes, we hope to empower our consumer. An empowered consumer in turn understands and makes conscious decisions around ethically made and responsible fashion.


Why Certified Fairtrade?

"The best mean of individual empowerment is a living wage"  Unknown

We pride ourselves in partnering with certified fair trade artisans and farmers. Each individual involved in the production of our garments are provided a living wage. This living wage in turn, allows them to provide for their own family.   

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